Vipergear AV-8B UFC

Vipergear AV-8B UFC

Welcome to the Vipergear AV-8B UFC project page

“Yes, sadly it is still a project, I know..”

But, the bright side is we are further along than this page might suggest.
A lot of design and engineering has been done.

Main objectives still to reach:
– Custom PCB design and manufacturing
– Interfacing with DCS World

Project goals is a fully functional AV-8B UFC USB controller taking your sim experience to the next level.

More details on the design and manufacturing will be posted on our Product Development Page.
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We encourage you to post your comments to this project below.

We will make an effort to update this page as we go along.

5 comments on “Vipergear AV-8B UFC

    AB 8b UFC – fab idea , need to ensure the bottom panel of the UFC is built in , allowing for radio channel change , radar alt for the full immersion etc

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