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Deticated to and in memory of Arend “White Eagle” van Oosten.

Vipergear revived (and overhauled) the FCC-3 as was first made by Arend.
All electronics have been revised and updated but we retained the look some of you might still know.

VFS-WE (White Eagle edition) is an upgrade for your TM Cougar or Warthog joystick base replacing the stock gimbals with a force sensor module.

The VFS-WE is made of 7075 Aluminum (aircraft grade) to withstand some serious abuse.
The force sensing gives you unparalleled precision.

Built to last!

[no base or grip is included with this product]

For more information on this modification like dimensions and the installation process please check out our manual:
VFS-WE Install Manual

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Weight 325 g
Dimensions 22 × 16 × 7 cm

2 reviews for VFS-WE

  1. Knight (aka Maarten de Ridder) (verified owner)

    Dear Vipergear team. This is actually a perfect action. As a pit builder i bought myself a second VFS-3 (FCC-3 from White Eagle). Its perfectly build and 100% similar as the one I bought from Vipercore in 2015. Arend (RIP) build a excellent FCC and you continued in the same excellence. Well done and Thank you very much.

    • Vipergear

      Thanks for the compliments Knight!

  2. DRich (verified owner)

    I received my new VFS-3 (White Eagle) and throttle C-MUK kit today, for my 19-year old Cougar (yes, believe it or not, all of my switches, buttons and toggles still work perfectly). The installs were very easy and calibration & curves in CCP were set exactly per your instructions and recommended settings. At the same time, I also greased my TQS bearings with Nyogel 767a and replaced my throttle brake pad with a new rubber pad (2-1/4 x 1/8″ rubber washer, $1.50, (cut to match the old brake that crumbled away). These upgrades are incredible! Throttle fuel flow adjustments are absolutely microscopic now (+/-50pph!) with the new hall sensor C-MUK, and the force-sense stick response is so smooth and accurate, I have to really sharpen my flying style now! No more “jerk & burn” turns or impossible air-to-air refueling for me anymore! These upgrades are absolutely worth every penny to make my Cougar come back to life (a great value too, compared to the competition). I highly recommend these two Vipergear hardware upgrades to any original Cougar owners out there with the old mechanical gimbals or pots. Your flying will improve 110%!
    Redneck & Blade, I’m so glad I waited for the VFS-3. This is a great tribute to the memory of Arend (White Eagle). You guys are a credit to the flight sim and hardware community.
    Outstanding work!
    Thank you!

    • Vipergear

      Thanks for the compliments DRich!

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