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Hi there and welcome to our Product Development Page.
This page holds all information on current and upcomming projects here at Vipergear.

-Vipergear F/A-18C UFC Dev page
-Vipergear AV-8B UFC Dev page
-Vipergear F-16C ICP v2.0 [#ViperVirus edition] Dev page
-Modifications Dev page
-Misc Projects page

We encourage you to give feedback on our projects!
This will help us improve products where needed and it is your chance to help shape these projects.
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F/A-18C UFC Progress Update, march 15th 2019

F/A-18C UFC Progress Update, march 15th 2019

Progress Update on the F/A-18C UFC

-Mechanical engineering of TOP section:
-Mechanical engineering of LOWER section: 
-Mechanical engineering of support structure: 
-Electrical engineering: 
-Interfacing with DCS:

In Progress
In Progress

For more details on the work being done, head on over to our Vipergear F/A-18C Dev page
[will go live on March 15th 1800 Zulu]

25 thoughts on “Product Development Page

  1. Interested in your F-18 UFC

    1. You will not have to wait long, we have been working on it the past days! Will post a picture in a few minutes

  2. Interested in the f16 icp

    1. Good to hear that Dave! It will be available soon [the updated version], the current version is still available

  3. Can’t wait to grab the updated ICP and a DED

    1. Awesome Jonathan! Keep a close eye on our site for the release information!

  4. I needs it!

    1. Welcome to the madhouse ThaKeyBoardWarrior!

  5. So what will be different in the updated F-16 ICP?

    1. We will release a dedicated post on the new ICP this week. Please keep an eye on our website for further announcements.

      1. Okay will do, thanks!

        I guess I’ll start saving for the updated version 🙂

  6. Hi, Could tell us a few words about the V2 of F16 ICP please. What will be differences between the current one and this coming one ?
    Interested by your F18 ICP too

    1. We will release a dedicated post on the new ICP this week. Please keep an eye on our website for further announcements.

  7. Damn, F18 UFC is HOT! Is the stand final or is it still WIP? I have monstertech mounts for my Hotas. Any change to get them working together?
    Keep up the good work! o7

    1. Hi Misi! Thanks for the comment bro! The stand is just a quick render so show. We can take a look at some solutions for mounting and the decide what will work best for the UFC.

  8. Are there any updates?

    It looks like a Post was said to be coming in a week..

    Last month

  9. Awesome stuff! Can’t wait until I see the finished Hornet-UFC.
    Will the turnknobs for the radios also be implemented?
    Anyways very cool stuff.. also the stuff for the Harrier and Viper.

    Any updates?

  10. Actually I am interested in all of them. Any updates on the Hornet and Harrier?

  11. HURRY UP, I need to buy this NOW!!! TAKE MY MONEY lol

  12. interested in ALL ! : )

  13. So is there any update on the new F-16 ICP?

  14. Need that FA-18 UFC soooooooooo Bad. TAKE MY MONEYSSS!!!

  15. I’m going to buy this immateriality on release date!

  16. looks awsome would like to buy one for 18 when available

  17. Any updates since June?

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