About us

About us

“A certain man once lost a diamond cuff-link in the wide blue sea, and twenty years later, on the exact day, a Friday apparently, he was eating a large fish – but there was no diamond inside.
..That’s what I like about coincidence.”
― Vladimir Nabokov, Laughter in the Dark

It all began with a broken Thrustmaster HOTAS Cougar ™…

After returning home from deployment in Afghanistan one of our team members [Blade] picked up his old hobby, flying Falcon 4.0. Emerging from a pile of half forgotten stuff was the faithful old Thrustmaster HOTAS Cougar ™. After a few days of intense flight, the old girl suddely broke down. During emergency surgical procedures he quickly discovered that the gimbals had broken.
What now??

Thrustmaster support was not offering any spare parts for the Cougar anymore..
Sure, there will be some second-hand Cougar available somewhere on the internet.
But wouldn’t it be a waste to just replace the whole thing instead of one part?
A couple of hours searching the web lead to a forum where he posted an all out “amber alert” on the gimbals.

Not for long some dude replied to his call for help. Some guy named “Redneck”.
This one claimed he had the gimbals lying around after he upgraded his own Cougar.
Awesome! The deal was quickly sealed and arrangements made for Blade to pick up his precious part at Redneck’s home. Coincidentally he lived nearby so the problem would be solved soon.

They met later that day and spend a couple of hours talking about their favorite past-time.
Combat Flight Simulators. [Falcon BMS, DCS World]
This mutual passion for sims and military aircraft led to a number of projects including the USB F-16 ICP controller.

This collaboration worked out just fine and they decided to continue on this path eventually leading to a small independant company: Vipergear

Today, Redneck and Blade have partnered up to run Vipergear and bring you the best simulator products for your favorite simulator!