Product Development Page updates

Product Development Page updates

Will be working on the Product Development Page the next few days to
get you guys in on the progress we made on a couple of projects.
Check out the page to get the latest updates on projects such as:

  • Vipergear F/A-18C UFC
  • Vipergear AV-8B UFC
  • Vipergear F-16C ICP v2.0 [#ViperVirus edition]
  • Replica cockpit panels
  • Upcomming modifications

And more..

Head over to the Product Development Page and register to see what’s up!


3 comments on “Product Development Page updates

    I would really like to buy the 1.7 ICP with the stand, but it is out of stock. When will the 2.0 version be available? If its going to be a while, will more 1.7 ICPs be available soon?

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