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Product Development Page updates

Will be working on the Product Development Page the next few days to
get you guys in on the progress we made on a couple of projects.
Check out the page to get the latest updates on projects such as:

  • Vipergear F/A-18C UFC
  • Vipergear AV-8B UFC
  • Vipergear F-16C ICP v2.0 [#ViperVirus edition]
  • Replica cockpit panels
  • Upcomming modifications

And more..

Head over to the Product Development Page and register to see what’s up!


3 thoughts on “Product Development Page updates

  1. I would really like to buy the 1.7 ICP with the stand, but it is out of stock. When will the 2.0 version be available? If its going to be a while, will more 1.7 ICPs be available soon?

  2. Hi, IS the F-18 UFC panel available for Purchase?

  3. I hope to be able to purchase the upcoming ICP very soon.

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