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Update your registration and receive a discount coupon

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2 thoughts on “Update your registration and receive a discount coupon

  1. Hello What do I need to modify the hotas cougar? does it work under win 10?
    Thanks & Greetings from Switzerland

    1. Hey Markus!
      Thanks for the comment!

      We offer different kind of Cougar modifications:
      C-MUK [replacing original potentiometers for hall sensors] for both joystick and throttle controls
      VFS [replacing original gimbals and potmeters for strain gauges] for joystick only.
      You can either use your original throttle with the VFS or combine it with the C-MUK Throttle kit.

      All modifications work in Windows 10, no problem.
      They all use the standard Cougar drivers and software to run.

      Hope that answers your question?

      Take a look at our download section, there you can find the manual for both products. That might help as well.

      Kind regards,

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