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C-MUK stock replenished

We have replenished our stock of C-MUK hall sensor upgrades for TM HOTAS COUGAR.

Upcoming Vipergear products in pre-production phase.

We have acquired additional production systems and tools to speed up the production process.
Expect these products to be released mid April 2019.

Updated F-16C ICP [USB PnP] to be released in weeks

Hi Viperfans!
We tried hard to get the ICP done with the release of the DCS F-16 module.
Unfortunately we couldn’t make that happen for several reasons.
One of those reason was (and is) the engraving witch fails over and over. Past few weeks we pushed hard to get improvements on the engraving. We are closing in on final results but we are not there yet.
We think it isn’t good enough to release it yet.
As long as we are not happy with the total package we just can’t release it.
We receive lots of emails and private messages etc. asking about the status of the new ICP. These messages give us the perseverance to continue and get the ICP done.
Along the way of development we scrapped numerous pieces of acrylic blocks, cans of industrial paint, drill bits, blood, sweat and tears and whatever is needed to make you a quality piece of kit.

Please bear with us until the release!

Where talking about small margin off error, 0.02 millimeter.

Vipergear F-16C Integrated Control Panel [ICP]
– CNC machined body
– Custom designed PCB with backlighting
– Laser cut steel backplate
– Including: 4 Thumbwheel, 2 toggle switches, 1 navigation switch (all functional)
– USB Plug and Play
– DX Device [PC will recognize the ICP as a gaming device] multi platform capable
– Comes as a fully assembled product

Coming soon…

Vipergear Force Sensor [VFS]

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