• Vipergear Cougar Midlife Update Kits (C-MUK) provide you with hall effect sensors for your Thrustmaster HOTAS Cougar.
    Replace your original potentiometers with the C-MUK sensors to improve your Cougar’s lifespan and precision!

    Higher resolution sensor more accuracy

    Non-friction sensors for longer lifespan

    Vipergear C-MUK
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  • Specially designed to fit the Thrustmaster HOTAS Warthog joystick and throttle.
    Keeps that dust out of your controls while looking pretty cool at the same time.
    A must have for every Hog driver!!

    TM Warthog dustcovers
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  • F-16C Bl50/52 left and right side consoles support structures.
    Manufactured from aircraft grade aluminum.

    All mounting holes for panels adhere to the DZUS rhythm and dimensions.
    Not compliant with DZUS fasteners (no fastening wire)

    We offer the support structures in raw form and with powder coated or anodized coatings!
    Two color options are available: Bl50/52 grey and MLU black.

    F-16C Console Support Structures
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  • Plug and Play USB DX device compatible with Falcon BMS and DCS World [can also be used to control other games]

    Vipergear F-16C ICP
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  • We can design and manufacture parts made to your specifications.

    Capablities include:
    CNC Milling and Turning, Laser cutting, engraving and marking,
    3D printing FDM and DLP, painting, electronic design and more…

    Contact us for more details!

    Cockpit Builder Support
  • The way ahead…

    Vipergear CSP Roadmap
  • Deticated to the memory of Arend “White Eagle” van Oosten.
    All electronics have been revised and updated but we retained the look of the FCC-3 some of you might still know.

    VFS-3 [White Eagle Edition]
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  • Backplates, Lightplates, Backlighting solutions and more

    F-16C Block 50/52 cockpit panels
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