DCS F-16 BL50 module giveaway

Join the giveaway for the pre-order F-16C BL50 module for Eagle Dynamic’s DCS World!
Head on over to Nub’s Cockpit on Twitch and sign up for the giveaway!
Tonight at 2200Z


C-MUK stock replenished

We have replenished our stock of C-MUK hall sensor upgrades for TM HOTAS COUGAR.

Upcoming Vipergear products in pre-production phase.

We have acquired additional production systems and tools to speed up the production process.
Expect these products to be released mid April 2019.

Updated F-16C ICP [USB PnP] to be released in weeks

We are nearing the end of the development stage of the new F-16C ICP USB controller
for Falcon BMS and DCS World.

Vipergear F-16C Integrated Control Panel [ICP]
– CNC machined body
– Custom designed PCB with backlighting
– Laser cut steel backplate
– Including: 4 Thumbwheel, 2 toggle switches, 1 navigation switch (all functional)
– USB Plug and Play
– DX Device [PC will recognize the ICP as a gaming device] multi platform capable
– Comes as a fully assembled product

Coming soon…

Vipergear Force Sensor [VFS]

Grab yours today!

Combat Simulation Live Stream [Twitch]

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