Yet another COVID update..

The current issues with worldwide shipments continues and is leading to problems in increasing numbers of shipments. We invest time money and effort to build your products, ship them and then have them being not cared for by the postal carriers with parcels getting stuck at sorting centers or customs..

In then end customers are disappointed (and some even claim their money back via paypal which doubles the damages for us) we fully understand the disappointment and believe me we share it!
of course make every effort to get all orders to their new owners.

We ourselves are running into multiple similar issues with goods not arriving at our workshop (SLA printer resin for example is already 45 days over due and still no indication on when it will arrive here) which is now hampering the production of new ICP’s. Production processes will slow down considerably with this shortage but we will try to work around this as best we can.

All this misery with shipments not coming through and people claiming back their money via PayPal has led us to to makes some decisions in order to preserve the continuation of Vipergear;

1) During the COVID-19 crisis we will NOT ship outside EU anymore. We will make sure that all order placed before today will be shipped and handled as per order. This restriction will be upheld as long as there is major delays at customs. We hope you understand.
2) We will not provide any group discounts for un undetermined period of time.
3) We will from now on enforce our Terms and Conditions as they are provided during check out.
4) We will NOT pre-ship replacements without receiving back any defective product for analyses. (We offered to ship replacements and have the old product returned upon receiving the new one. This also has proven to lead to units not being returned and adding to the damages for us.)

All the above measure are a direct consequence of the current COVID situation and a there to ensure the continuation of Vipergear.

AGAIN: we will look into the parcels with issues and hope that we can get some fucking answers. Sorry if this all sounds harsh but I am thoroughly done with getting ass fucked by postal carriers (as it involves multple carriers and not just our national one)


F-16C ICP stock build in progress

Fabrication has finished on the new batch of ICP bodies.
Results are to spec and we can start to build the first stock batch. As announced before, we will not be taking any more pre-orders as we want to work from stock and have the ICP’s ready for shipment upon purchase. We will announce via our website and facebook about the release of this batch into the shop.

Again we want to emphasize that we try to the best of our abilities to ship out or products asap. But we continue to see that shipping is being delayed for 10 to 14 business days without any updates on shipment trackers. This is independent of carrier, they all still experience that.
We keep day to day track of which postal carrier we can best choose for the fastest and safest way for our products to reach their new homes.

We experience the same with inbound parcels and even larger cargo so we feel your pain!
For all those in the US: if your parcel was shipped using our national postal carrier (PostNL) the package tracking seems to stop from the moment is was put on air cargo to the US. USPS tracking site also recognizes this and is aware of the inbound parcel. Our carrier advises all US residents who experience problems to contact USPS for further information. USPS will accept recipient investigations a per their website.
( https://www.usps.com/help/contact-us.htm )

Other current project still in development:

F-16C Data Entry Display (DED) – coming soon
F-16C Eyebrow lights, Master Caution and IFF/F-ACK indicators/switches – coming soon
F-18C UFC – midterm
F-16C cockpit panels and full cockpit panel sets- midterm

Second Production Run completed!

Hi all you Vipergear friends!

We have just completed and shipped the 2nd pre-order production run.
Some small delivery delays might occur due to the covid-19 situation but that is beyond our span of control (as shipping of our products always is).

We have committed to building another 150 ICP’s today and we expect the first batch of 20-25 to be available rather quickly. We are manufacturing the buttons for those ICP’s right now and that run should be completed by the end of the day. After painting they need to be sent off to the engraver’s and returned to us so we can start assembling the ICP’s. Depending on the engraver’s shedule and speed we might even be able to get those ICP’s into the webshop by next weekend.

The next batch after that will be a bit smaller (as those will consist of the returned ICP’s from run 1 that will be fitted with new PCB’s and buttons). Availability of those ICP’s depends on the returns reaching us.
Currently we are already in production for the additional ICP’s which should be completed in about 4 weeks. After completion of that run we can start building the next batches.

Thanks to all who supported us up till now and we will keep pushing to build up stock as quickly as possible. Pre-orders will not be accepted anymore as we want to move into ordering from stock.

We will also restock all other products in the webshop this week (CMUK, VFS, etc)


First pre-order runs completed, second run open for entry!

This week we completed the first batch of pre ordered ICP’s and shipped them to their new owners.
We hope they reach them safe and sound soon!

Currently we are arranging a second run for the Vipergear ICP. Estimated build time for this run will be 50% shorter due to the fact that we now have a small stock of the major components. We expect all ICP that are ordered this round to be shipped out second week of March 2020. Anyone who opts in on this run will be provided with the build schedule and will be kept up to date via regular emails and a dedicated page on the site.

Thanks again to all our customers who made the first run possible!

Vipergear F-16C ICP v2 pre-order is now closed…

First of all we want to thank all our customers for their pre-order and their trust in us and our product.
Manufacturing is ongoing as we write this post and all customers will receive an email with the timeline for the production run.

In order to provide the best quality products and service for all Vipergear products and customers we have decided to suspend all sales activities on our products until the production run for the F-16C ICP v2 is completed. All placed orders will of course be processed and shipped. We kindly ask your understanding in this as we aim to be back with the full range of products mid January 2020.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us!

Vipergear F-16C ICP pre-order release

Hi everybody!
After 11 months of hard work, sweat, blood and (almost) tears we are very proud to announce the release of the Vipergear F-16C Integrated Control Panel (ICP) v2!!

The new ICP is composed of all custom build components such as:
– CNC Milled Acrylic Body
– Custom designed and manufactured PCB
– Metal Backplate
– 4 3d FMD printed thumbwheels (fully functional)
– Industrial grade DCS (replica) and toggle switches

approx: 136*102*16,5mm
Weight: 390 gramms

Other specs:
USB plug and Play (Windows will recognize the ICP as a DX device and it will automatically add it to your Settings/Devices page) Full Manual and Support software will be available upon delivery of the first ICP’s.
The Vipergear ICP is cross-platform capable so you can use it for all of your favorite simulators and games (e.g Falcon BMS, Eagle Dynamics DCS etc)
Please be aware that each ICP is CUSTOM BUILD so this is not a mass produced product.

Most of the components have already been manufactured but two key components (PCB and CNC Body) need to be manufactured after the pre-order has been placed.
Generally it will take 3 weeks for the PCB’s to arrive at our workshop once we placed the order with our manufacturer.

The ICP bodies are CNC machined in house and generally we can produce 20 bodies per week. (A small stock of CNC Milled bodies is available at the time of posting this message)
We will contact you via email to give you a delivery indication once you decide to pre-order the ICP.

We will provide all buyers with a 2 year Full Warranty on the product.
(Warranty will be voided if the ICP or its component have been opened or disassembled by customer.)

We offer the ICP with or without a desktop stand to accomodate both desktop pilots as well as cockpit builders. (Desktop stand is also sold seperate if required)

Pre-order will go live today at 1700h GMT and will continue until december 6th 1700h GMT at the introduction price as mentioned on our website. After the pre-order closes we will revert back to normal orders at regular pricing.

Vipergear ICP without desktopstand (for cockpit simulator use):
Vipergear ICP with desktopstand:

If there is any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Kind regards,
Vipergear CSP
Vipergear F-16C ICP v2

DCS F-16 BL50 module giveaway

Join the giveaway for the pre-order F-16C BL50 module for Eagle Dynamic’s DCS World!
Head on over to Nub’s Cockpit on Twitch and sign up for the giveaway!
Tonight at 2200Z


C-MUK stock replenished

We have replenished our stock of C-MUK hall sensor upgrades for TM HOTAS COUGAR.

Upcoming Vipergear products in pre-production phase.

We have acquired additional production systems and tools to speed up the production process.
Expect these products to be released mid April 2019.

Updated F-16C ICP [USB PnP] to be released in weeks

Hi Viperfans!
We tried hard to get the ICP done with the release of the DCS F-16 module.
Unfortunately we couldn’t make that happen for several reasons.
One of those reason was (and is) the engraving witch fails over and over. Past few weeks we pushed hard to get improvements on the engraving. We are closing in on final results but we are not there yet.
We think it isn’t good enough to release it yet.
As long as we are not happy with the total package we just can’t release it.
We receive lots of emails and private messages etc. asking about the status of the new ICP. These messages give us the perseverance to continue and get the ICP done.
Along the way of development we scrapped numerous pieces of acrylic blocks, cans of industrial paint, drill bits, blood, sweat and tears and whatever is needed to make you a quality piece of kit.

Please bear with us until the release!

Where talking about small margin off error, 0.02 millimeter.

Vipergear F-16C Integrated Control Panel [ICP]
– CNC machined body
– Custom designed PCB with backlighting
– Laser cut steel backplate
– Including: 4 Thumbwheel, 2 toggle switches, 1 navigation switch (all functional)
– USB Plug and Play
– DX Device [PC will recognize the ICP as a gaming device] multi platform capable
– Comes as a fully assembled product

Coming soon…

Vipergear Force Sensor [VFS]

Grab yours today!

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